Welcome To Gizmo!

Specializing in Real Music, Played in Real-Time,
By Real Musicians!


  • Cubase DAW and A/D converters

    We run Cubase & Pro Tools software with state-of-the-art A/D conversion...

  • Analog outboard gear

    Along with a great selection of analog outboard gear.

  • Beautiful Baldwin grand piano

    We have a lovingly maintained Baldwin grand piano...

  • Great sounding studio drum kit

    And one of the best sounding recording drum kits around!

About Gizmo

Baldwin grand keyboard

We are an all digital, full service recording studio, specializing in Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk, Classical, World Music, Country, Bluegrass, and acoustic music styles. Nestled in the rolling hills of Silver Spring, Maryland, Gizmo has been honored to serve the Washington, D.C. area music scene for over 30 years. Learn more »

The Studio

Control room

State-Of-The-Art equipment and software, a great mic collection, well-maintained instruments (including our beautiful 7' Baldwin concert grand piano), a great sounding room with a comfortable atmosphere... just a few of the many reasons musicians love working at Gizmo! Learn more »

O.A.R. At Gizmo

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) recorded their first two albums at Gizmo Recording Company with studio owner Gantt Kushner engineering and producing. In this clip from their “Home Movies” series they return to Gizmo to talk about recording the albums that launched their career.