The Studio
2015 Equipment List: Digital Audio Systems

Steinberg's Cubase 8 Pro - for amazing tracking, editing, mixing and digital processing, Antelope Audio Orion-32 converter/interface - for state-of-the-art analog-to-digital conversion, with RME's HDSPe MADI interface for latency free tracking and overdubbing, with Universal Audio’s legendary UAD-2 processor card, for incredible emulations of vintage compressors, equalizers, reverbs and other effects, with other plugins by Waves and many others. Cubase 8 Pro is our DAW of choice for it’s rich, analog-like sound quality, fast and versatile editing capabilities and incredible virtual instruments and music production possibilities.

AVID Protools: Protools is an industry standard. While we prefer to record and mix with Cubase, we realize that many projects begin and end in Protools. Protools works great with the Orion-32 and RME HDSPe, with pristine sound quality and latency free tracking.  Clients who are used to Protools will feel right at home.

Universal Audio UAD-2: As mentioned before, Universal Audio’s Powered Plugins have set a new standard for digital emulations of some of the world’s most legendary vintage analog processors, such as the Teletronix LA-2a compressor, Pultec equalizers, Fairchild compressors, EMT and Lexicon reverbs, and many more. Some of the finest recording engineers in the world swear by the UAD-2’s incredible sound.

Waves Plugins: Waves makes some of the world’s most respected plugins. Used by audio professionals all over the world, Waves has great equalizers, compressors, choruses, flangers and delays. 

Outboard Gear: Focusrite ISA828 8-channel Mic Preamp/DI; Demeter VTMP-2 Tube Mic Preamp; Sytek MPX-4A Mic Pre, FMR Audio RNP Mic Pre; ; Mackie 1402 for additional mic inputs; UREI LA-4 (2); dbx 160x (2); Aphex 651 (2); vintage dbx 160 (1); Lexicon PCM-91 Reverb; Roland SRV-3030.

Microphones: Neumann U-87 (1); KM-84 (2); AKG 414 (2), AKG 451 (2); AKG C1000 (1); Audio Technica 4050 (2); Sennheiser 421 MK II (2), 421 vintage (3); EV RE-20 (2); RCA 77DX; Shure SM57 (2); SM58; Crown CM-200 (4); Crown CM-300 (2); AKG D12e (1); Audix D6; Crown PZM (1); other miscellaneous microphones.

Musical Instruments: Baldwin 7' Concert Grand Piano; Yamaha Motif 6; 1964 Ludwig Drumset with Zildjian Cymbals; Fuchs ODS 50 Bassman Mod; 1974 Fender Deluxe Reverb with Pete Cage blackface mods; 1972 Fender Twin Reverb w/ JBL D-120's & Pete Cage blackface mods; Roland VGA-7 Digital Modeling Amp; 1963 Gibson Skylark w/ JBL Speaker; AER Compact 60; Many cool guitar effect pedals, including Tanabe Zenkudo Overdrive pedal, Fulltone ODS (V1.7 for those who care about such things), Klon Centaur overdrive, original Vox Wah Wah, original MXR Stereo Chorus (the amazing Yellow Box!).  

Auxiliary Gear:  Tascam 122 MK. II Cassette; Otari DAT; Alesis ADAT XT (2).  

Vintage DAW: Ensoniq PARIS - up to 48 channels with Universal Audio UAD-1 card and effects.

Digital Editing: Steinberg Wavelab 8.5; Cubase 8 Pro.

Mixing/Monitoring: Tannoy SGM-10B (Secret Weapon #1!) & Yamaha monitors w/ Bryston 4B; JVC Boombox (Secret Weapon #2!); Sennheiser, Fostex, Audio Technica and Sony headphones; Bryston 3B for cue mix (Secret Weapon #3!); Mackie 1402 for submixing.